Clinical, diagnostic and therapeutic approach of uveodermatologic syndrome in dogs: a review

Alexandre Tavares Camelo Oliveira, Ana Raquel Fontenele de Oliveira, Isadora Lobão Torres Santiago, Yvyna Byanca Simões de Lima, Tiago Cunha Ferreira


Canine uveodermatologic syndrome is an autoimmune disease that leads to the appearance of ophthalmic and dermatological signs, such as bilateral panuveitis, vitiligo, leukotrichia, alopecia and ulcerations. Due to the lack of information about the uveodermatologic syndrome, the objective of this work is to carry out a systematic review on the main aspects of the disease, alerting the veterinarian about its occurrence and the importance of its early diagnosis. Despite the rare reports within the small animal clinic, it is believed that dogs of the Akita breed may be predisposed by the number of reported cases, although there are several records with other breeds in the literature. The diagnosis is usually late, due to the fact that the eye lesions appear about a month before the cutaneous lesions, and involves the clinical reasoning of the veterinarian in association with the performance of histopathological exams of the lesions, which present inflammatory histio-lymphocitic infiltrates and disorganization of basal layer. The treatment is based on immunosuppression, with corticosteroids or other similar drugs, such as azathioprine and cyclosporine, continuing from the diagnosis until the disappearance of clinical signs and maintenance at low doses or in association with other immunomodulators.


autoimmune diseases, uveitis, vitiligo, melanin, canine skin diseases.


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